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Do you feel like you and your spouse are roommates more than lovers? Do you desire true and genuine intimacy and feel like there’s a wall between you and your spouse? Intimacy anorexia can be suffocating but once assessed and treated you CAN have not only a successful marriage, but an incredible marriage!


Intimacy anorexia is closely related with sex addiction, if both exist, I will treat both in concert, which is the only way to find lasting success. Many times sex addiction is treated and intimacy anorexia is left untreated until a year or two later when the marriage is still devastated despite success in sex addiction. If this sounds like you then set up a time as son as possible to begin the “CPR” that your marriage desperately needs.


I personally know the debilitating fear of intimacy that exists for the intimacy anorexic. Each and every person’s flavor of intimacy anorexia is unique, that’s why I cater the recovery plan and techniques to your exact situation. After the free assessment, I will work with you to identify exactly what type of intimacy anorexic you are, together we will then develop a strategy to overcome it.


I strongly believe that no one gets married planning to have simply a marriage that “makes it.” Instead, I know that I got married planning to have an amazing, incredible, and utterly fulfilling marriage. Is that what you want too? Intimacy anorexia, more than nearly anything else, will choke the life out of any marriage, overcoming it will bring new life and new hope into your marriage.


Call today to learn more and to set up your free assessment.

IA Evaluation

"Then the Lord God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.”"

Genesis 2:18

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