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I am a Pastoral Counselor dedicated to helping men and couples deal with both sex addiction and intimacy anorexia. I am certified as a Sexual Recovery Pastoral Counselor by the American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy. 51 to 52 is a representation of the transformation that happened in David's life in Psalm 51 and Psalm 52. The changed life is my goal for you. You can be free from sex addiction and intimacy anorexia starting today!

Robert Dorband, Pastoral Counselor
Robert Dorband
Pastoral Counselor

In August of 2001 I began my own journey of recovery. I have seen the highs and survived the lows. Along the way I have seen just about everything and learned the truths of what it really takes to be free. There is no magic elixir, but there is a path that I can help you find.


I want you to know that I am a real person. My wife and I have been married for 21 years and have two wonderful kids aged 13 and 15. I just recently retired from being both an airline pilot and a pastoral counselor. I trained for many years to fly, but God was preparing me for something else. In 2005 I began attending New Geneva Theological Seminary simply because I wanted someone to teach me Greek and Hebrew, little did I know that many years later I would graduate with my Masters of Arts in Christian Ministry and that I would become a Pastoral Counselor in addition to being a pilot.


So, I live in the real world with real commitments and real responsibilities, but I also know what life is like as an addict and an anorexic. I do my own recovery every day and I know how to help with yours as you win these fights.


Call or write today and set up your free assessment.

Robert Dorband
My Family

I live in Colorado Springs, CO with my wife and two kids. I love mountain biking, playing soccer with my boys, and the Manchester City Football Club. God has given me an incredible story and I desire to use it to bring the truth of God’s overwhelming love to you. If you have never believed that God loves you please call me. I had been a Christian for many years before I ever accepted that truth, but once I did my life was transformed.


Thank you for taking the time to read about me and my family, I can’t wait to help you experience God’s love in freedom!

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