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Out Of Hiding

Living in Freedom


Do you or does someone you love have a sex addiction? Like many addictions, sex addiction can be extremely painful and difficult to treat. I offer free assessment and if it is determined that you have a sex addiction we can help you find true and lasting freedom! 

sex addiction, intimacy anorexia


Do you feel like you and your spouse are roommates more than lovers? Do you desire true and genuine intimacy and feel like there’s a wall between you and your spouse? Intimacy anorexia can be suffocating but once assessed and treated you CAN have not only a successful marriage, but an incredible marriage!


Are you constantly looking over your shoulder, never being truly relaxed and at peace? Do you panic at the thought of someone else having your smartphone or computer? Are secrets destroying your life? Or do you find yourself afraid of anyone really knowing you, certain that they would not love you if they knew who you really are? There is a path to freedom from these things…

ABOUT 51 to 52

I am a Pastoral Counselor dedicated to helping men and couples deal with both sex addiction and intimacy anorexia. I am certified as a Sexual Recovery Pastoral Counselor by the American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy. 51 to 52 is a representation of the transformation that happened in David's life in Psalm 51 and Psalm 52. The changed life is my goal for you. You can be free from sex addiction and intimacy anorexia starting today!

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